A Week of Haiku: Monday

“Established 2008, WU-SLam quickly became one of the fastest growing groups on Washington University in St. Louis’ campus. With a solid performance crew and their weekly inklings meetings, WU-SLam tries to take poetry from the class room to the dorm room and turn it up on the stage. By holding monthly poetry slams, WU-SLam not only entertains large audiences, but also creates a slam team that performs at national competitions. WU-SLam also makes an effort to reach out of the “WashU Bubble” and bring poetry to the Greater St. Louis area, telling their stories and inspiring others to do the same.”

Just this weekend, WU-SLam hosted a “Grand Slam” in Graham Chapel featuring guest poet Hanif Willis-Abdurraquib. During a night of snaps and “slam groans,” 13 students performed poetry over three rounds of spoken word and raw emotion. There’s something to be said (pun intended) about the art of poetry – and I’ve been inspired to share some of my poetic stylings in the form of haiku. Every day for the next week I’ll be posting one poem as a reflection, beginning today:


A well timéd Circ

Makes Physics at 9 AM

A little better