Prague Updates: Semester Bucket List

So while I was going to my different classes today, my friends and I got on the topic of trying new things. What with being in a new country, a new city, a new culture, and among new people, it seems natural to try as many new things as possible before we inevitably have to come back to the States again. So while we were on this topic, I had the brilliant idea of transcribing some of these ideas into a general bucket list for our time in Prague. After all, with all of the different opportunities available to us, it seems like a waste to not focus and direct our energies to the things that we want to do the most. And this applies to people who aren’t studying abroad, too. Being in a new environment like college with so many new people around definitely calls for an open mind and an enthusiasm for the unexpected and unknown. So without further ado, here’s a list of some of the ideas we came up to make this semester one of our best.

  • go on a spontaneous adventure
  • learn a new language
  • take a girls vacation
  • hook up with an international guy (or a girl – now is the time for experimenting)
  • go to every well known night club at least once
  • go camping in the countryside
  • pack some food and get lost for a day
  • take a trip to a local observatory
  • visit all of the tourist spots in your city
  • spend a day at the zoo
  • do the Escape Room
  • relax at a Cat Cafe
  • do an Invisible Expo
  • go to a museum
  • go to a film festival (or any type of festival for that matter)
  • attend a pub crawl
  • go caving
  • skinny dip in the ocean (or whatever body of water you prefer)
  • peruse a flea/street market
  • go to a Thai fish spa
  • find your cafe nook (or library or bookstore)
  • nose piercing
  • group veg out session
  • actually hug that teacher everyone thinks is so adorable
  • make a movie to remember your semester by
  • go on a shopping spree
  • choose a topic to become an expert in then do it
  • wine sleepover
  • grab drinks with your teacher
  • dye your hair
  • start a fight
  • win a fight
  • sneak into your school and spend the night there
  • go to a gay club/bar

So that was just a general bucket list for the semester. If you want something more specific to WashU I totally recommend you check out this link:

WashU bucket list

I hope this inspired you to take your semester to the next level!

Na schle!