About Me!

Hi everyone – I can’t wait to start posting blogs for you all to read! Before I begin, I wanted to conduct a sort of “self interview” so you all could get to know a little bit about me.

Hometown: Chappaqua, New York

Major/Minor: Architecture, Writing

Three words to describe myself: Creative, open-minded, and observant

A random fact about myself: I love hot drinks, no matter the season. I am especially obsessed with tea. During the winter, I sometimes drink up to four cups a day. I also put gold fish in my hot chocolate. The salty and sweet combination is addicting.

My favorite songs: “Re: Stacks” by Bon Iver and “Stop This Train” by John Mayer. They are both so soothing. I love male, acoustic voices that can put me to sleep.

What I do in my free time: I am an avid poetry writer. I jot down all my thoughts and observations in my moleskine notebook. I also listen to Broadway musicals way too much. I sing show tunes around my room, in the shower, while I’m cooking… When I offer to DJ for my friends, they kindly decline.

My favorite place: Any museum. My favorites are the Musee Marmottan in Paris, France, and the MOMA in New York City. Over winter break, I spent a day by myself at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York City. It was the most meditative, relaxing experience.

Where I want to travel next: Barcelona, hands down. I have spent too much time admiring Gaudi’s architecture on the Internet. I would feel so fortunate to see his buildings in person. I find his whimsical, colorful work absolutely breathtaking.