About Me

(I don’t always have pictures of myself. But when I do, I don’t even remember them being taken. Stay forgetful, my friends.)

Hi everyone! My name is Alicia, and I’m excited to be one of 360’s new bloggers. I grew up in Tampa, Florida (so yes, I’ve been to Disney and Universal Studios many times), and I’m majoring in Communication Design with a minor in Psychology.

I came here because I wanted to easily take a variety of different courses that suited my interests, so I’ve taken/am taking classes in everything from linguistics to computer science to advertising. As an art major, of course, I love to draw, and you can often find me filling up my sketchbook or doodling in the margins of my notes.

Outside of class, I’m involved in WashU’s KaPOW Comic Club and the Lunar New Year Festival, and my free time is spent either playing video games with friends, impulse shopping for snacks, or attempting to keep my dorm plants alive.

As a last note, here’s a fun fact: I have owned several plants in the past that passed away, and I had named them all Steve as a joke. Not Steve Jr. or Steve I, II, etc, but just Steve. When I got my most recent plant, I finally chose a name other than Steve, and lo and behold, not-Steve is still alive and thriving, leading me to believe that the name Steve will forever be cursed.

I hope you all enjoy my posts!