A Multimedia Update

Hi everyone!

The past┬ácouple weeks has been so busy for me. I have been working on papers, studying for tests, eating food, and enjoying activities organized by student groups. There is no better way to share these memories/experiences than pictures and videos, so I have compiled a little “multimedia update” together. Enjoy!

I am going to start off with Fall WILD. This year, both Kygo and Magic Man came. Out of the past couple WILDs, I have to admit that this semester’s performance was the best! Here are two short clips I took!



One of the student organizations that I am in, the Student Sustainability Fund, decided to do a mini photoshoot to advertise for our upcoming application deadline. I decided to wear my SSF tank and also share a quote on why I joined SSF last year. This was taken outside the DUC before the weather became chilly!



This is probably the cutest picture that my best friend/suite mate Kate and I have ever taken. This Halloween, we decided to dress up and take some fun pictures. Kate dressed up as a sailor and I dressed up as a cat. Another suite mate, Wilson, also carved pumpkins and decorated the suite with them. We also ate a lot of chocolate and candy!



What makes a better day than a sunny but cool (temperature) day? After our WU Pops Exec Board meeting, Kate and I walked back to the Village in such beautiful weather. Despite me wearing a beanie, it was still a warm day with lovely sunshine. This selfie was taken in Mudd Field of the Danforth Campus!



This past Friday, the WU Pops Exec Board had a fun bonding event. We carpooled to a Chesterfield Sports Fusion, a fun place with sport games such as laser tag, dodgeball, rock climbing, mini-golf, a photo-booth, an arcade, and more! We actually tried all of these events, including playing laser tag with little kids. Before the bonding event, we also had dinner at Seoul Taco (on the Loop).


Here is another picture of the Exec Bonding event! I took this picture with my friends Kate and Maddie.

I also managed to snap a quick video of two of my friends, Adam and Kevin, playing an intense game of air hockey at the arcade!

Finally, I cannot forget about homework in the midst of all the fun. Today, I spent at least 5 hours writing a 12 page essay draft for my “Historical Landscape and National Identity in Modern China” course. Tip: get a bunch of snacks before writing the paper and use them as motivation to keep working!

Now that I finished such a long paper draft, it is time to watch some fun TV shows and eat more cookies.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone!

~ Nancy ­čÖé