Silver linings

So I went to the WUHHU showcase today…it did not go as planned. I was one of five other choreographers showing off their stuff and let me tell you, intimidated doesn’t even begin to cover how I felt once I saw all the great stuff they had put together. Then, to make matters worse, I flopped while I was up on stage. My nerves got the best of me and I completely blanked when it was my turn to go. I ended up having to laugh it off and agree to record what I had on my own time.

But here’s the amazing thing: this setback isn’t deterring me. In fact, it’s only making me more adamant that I come back with something better next time. Whether it’s with the song I’m still working on or with some choreo in the future, I want even more to bring my A-game to the table so that I contribute something that I can be proud of, even in the midst of people more experienced than me. And the WUHHU members were a big part of why I’m able to think the way I am about what happened today. They cheered me on and encouraged me to keep going, but didn’t judge me for backing out once it was clear that I didn’t remember my moves. They were supportive and no one gave me the side eye for being the only one who couldn’t demonstrate their choreo. It makes me want to work harder for them, whether it be for my dance or when I’m participating in someone else’s. I have to come at this with all I’ve got now because I’ve got a score to settle and it’s not going away unless I bring a 100 percent.