On “Lame” Lineups and Flower Children: LouFest 2015

Though I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, I have never been to Lollapalooza, nor have I had any desire to—certainly not after my sister returned from the festival covered in mud and without either her cell phone or debit card. And of course, the assumption was that all concerts are created equal. But when I begrudgingly agreed to check out day two of LouFest last year, I finally realized that people attend these things for a reason: they’re fun.

This year, I scored a two-day pass for $50 from a sorority sister (for those less prone to rookie mistakes, you can capitalize upon the festival’s Secret Sale for a cheap ticket), and I am so glad I did. Though the line-up looked less than stellar compared to past years, LouFest is never just about the music; it’s about people-watching with your best friends in beautiful Forest Park, dancing like an idiot all day long, and truly unwinding before your schoolwork picks up. In my book, good music (and despite my initial skepticism, it was pretty darn good this year) is just a welcome accompaniment.

And at WashU, we are lucky to have LouFest practically in our backyard. Public transportation gets you to the grounds in no time, and if you have a U-Pass, it’s free. Plus, half the people I saw at LouFest were my classmates, which is always fun.

Hannah loves public transportation.

Hannah loves public transportation.

My friend Erika trekked to St. Louis from Mizzou, so I spent a good chunk of my time with her over the weekend. On day one, we jumped on the nearby Metrolink for a few minutes before taking a short shuttle ride to the park, arriving in time to catch Colony House. After them, we headed to Robert Delong, who, much to my surprise, put on a fantastic show. Then we got recruited by Starbucks for their DoubleShot photo campaign. After downing several espresso shots that tasted dangerously good, we took some pictures and hung out in the grass.


Free espresso shots and pictures? Heck yeah!

The day’s true highlight, however, was Brandon Flowers of The Killers. My friends and I were in the third row, jumping and singing and fan-girling (yes, even my guy friends were fan-girling) for the full hour. He played a balanced mix of solo and band hits, keeping up the energy for the entire show. He could have been the headliner—he was that good.

Day 2 was even better. After the convenient transit to the park, my friends and I grooved to Misterwives before picking up Smoothies from one of the many heavenly vendors on the festival grounds. After frolicking about for several hours, Erika and I made our way to Young the Giant, who were absolutely fantastic. Once that show was over, we were famished, so we picked up Loaded Fries from Bailey’s Range in one of my better fiscally irresponsible decisions. As we munched on fries, the Avett Brothers jammed on the main stage. About halfway through their set, we danced our way out of the park, and I hitched a ride back to WashU with Erika’s Mizzou friends.

All in all, I’d say it was a successful weekend.


Until next year, LouFest.