New Year, New Walls

It’s hard for me to believe, but the second month of sophomore year has just begun. For me, this year will be all about focusing on my major(s?) and continuing my involvement around campus. But most importantly, sophomore year will allow me to begin coloring in the outlines I drew as a freshman (~metaphors~).

It’s not until second semester when I really have to focus on declaring a major – and I intend to wait as long as I can to officially decide. Although I’ve listed Biology and Marketing under my profile, I’m ultimately undecided. Luckily there’s still a bit of time for me to explore other areas of study before committing to a final plan! For example, just last week I attended a Major Decision Workshop for sophomores needing help with their “major” decision (~groan~). One of the hosts was actually Sophomore Class Dean DeVoll who had great advice about choosing a major you’re passionate about. We ended the workshop sorting through a deck of cards with literally every major and minor offered by the College of Arts & Sciences, which not only opened my eyes to a wide variety of options I hadn’t considered, but also made me realize just how passionate I am about my current interests. Going forward I hope to be following my wildest dreams.

With all of your interesting opportunities to get involved, WashU, I knew you were trouble when I walked in. As a freshman, I remember being super busy trying out absolutely everything I had even the slightest interest in – and I’m so glad that I did. (Although, just because it’s sophomore year doesn’t necessarily mean I have to stop! Just this month I attended a meeting for Synapse, WashU’s premier neuroscience organization!) I’m certain, though, that I’ve found my place as a staff writer on WUnderground, a host of my own radio show on KWUR, and even as a tour guide (just to name a few)! This year I’m actually on the New Member Selection Committee for STL (Student Tour Leaders), and may even apply to become a part of the tour guide training team!

Sophomore year also marks the beginning of my love story with a modern single on the South 40. There are nice dorms, and then there are you’d-never-be-able-to-drag-me-out-of-here-alive dorms. This dorm falls into the latter category. Specifically, I’m living in South 40 House – also known as SoFoHo, or, more appropriately, SoFoHotel (pictured below). I’m a 2 second elevator ride away from the South 40 Fitness Center, and a 3 second elevator ride away from Bear’s Den, the main dining hall on this side of campus. (I’ll leave to your imagination which ride I take more often). The only problem is now I’ve got an entire room to myself to decorate and arrange however I please. There’s an especially large, blank wall (pictured above) that I really don’t know what to do with. I might keep it a blank space to remind me that my future is a canvas full of unwritten potential (~more metaphors~).

Dauten, you were a great traditional dorm to start WashU with freshman year, but we are never ever getting back together now that I have SoFoHo. Like, ever.

I simply cannot wait for what else sophomore year has in store for me! I’m looking forward to finally deciding on a major (even though I’ll still have the chance to switch anytime I’d like), and to becoming more involved in the clubs/groups I joined last year. I’ve got a room with a view, a future full of exciting opportunities, and if anything doesn’t go as planned – I can just shake it off.

WashU Fun Fact #3: The beds here are clouds tempurpedic.

PS If anyone out there knows about some good deals on tapestries, do let me know.

PPS Yes, Mom, my bed always looks that well made.

PPPS Stay tuned for my review of this Tuesday’s St. Louis Taylor Swift Concert!