Food, food, and more food!

Hey everyone!

If I was stuck on a deserted island and had to take something with me, I would definitely pick Wash U’s food as one of them. Being back at school for the past two weeks has truly reminded me of how much I miss stuffing my stomach with delicious (and mostly healthy) food throughout the day.

Side note: I hope there isn’t a Freshman no, Sophomore 15. Yikes!

P.S.- If you haven’t noticed yet, I am definitely a FOODIE (aka someone who loves eating food, taking pictures of food, and everything else about food).


Collage 1


Collage 2

Since I live in the Village House this year, I mostly eat in either the Village or the DUC. I usually eat breakfast/brunch/dinner at the Village and lunch during the school day at the DUC.

Let’s look the picture collages I made throughout the past few days. Even though the collages only include 11 pictures, they still show the many food options we have here.

In the first collage, I have dinner from the past three nights in the top and bottom right corner, and lunch from this week in the bottom left and middle pictures. I love it when I have green and red on my plates (as you can probably tell from all the green and red colors in the collage…it makes my plate look pretty and healthy!).

I usually get the vegetarian meal because they provide lots of green color. Occasionally, I get a non-vegetarian meal just to remind myself of how delicious chicken is. Yes, I love chicken.

The best thing about meals is that they usually come in three parts. For example, the bottom left meal has a salad, breadstick, and pasta. The bottom right one has rice, two sandwiches, and a yellow watermelon (what do you even call these? They are so GOOD). Sometimes, you get bonus food in one section instead of a third section. Either way, the meals look so colorful and taste so good to be wasted, so I try to finish my plate to the best of my ability.

In the second collage, I have other pictures of meals. The one that might stand out is the middle picture in the bottom—CHIPOTLE? Yes!! I am in SSF (Student Sustainability Fund), a branch of SU, and the members had to attend the Student Union retreat this past Sunday. The organizers of the retreat provided us with Chipotle for lunch!

At the end of the day, one of the things that make me the happiest is having eaten well. One of my goals is to taste new types of foods this year, even if that means trying something that looks scary.


Have a nice rest of the week!

~ Nancy 🙂