Feng shui-ing the dorm room

So I said on my last post that my next post would have pictures of my room and I didn’t disappoint. Like I said, I’m not finished decorating, but here’s a little of what I have so far:




The pictures aren’t all that good – I damn near spent 10 minutes trying to get the entire room in the shot before just giving up – but hopefully this at least gives you guys an idea of what my room looks like.

It’s amazing what a couple of changes can do to improve a room. When I first started moving in, my single felt so cramped because the bed was taking up an entire wall and placed opposite the desk and drawer, which created this weird, narrow space that’s barely even enough room for one person. I made the mistake of having that set up last year, so this time I pushed the bed against the far wall to open up the rest of the floor space, lofted the bed to fit as much stuff as possible underneath, and crammed my desk into the corner. Now there’s a surprising amount of room  – enough for impromptu dance parties at least, which is more than enough for me to be satisfied.

I also didn’t know what to do with the body mirror that I had gotten last year and just brought with me since my closet had a mirror already attached to it. So I just put it up horizontally along the wall and decorated it a little and now it’s the number one thing people complement when they see my room for the first time. After all, everyone’s seen someone with Christmas lights littering the ceiling but who’s seen someone take the time to actually mount a body mirror on the wall? That’s what I thought.

Anyway, so that’s my room. Like I said, I still have some posters I have to put up and a dry erase whiteboard calendar that’ll really come in handy when my teachers start feeling themselves and handing out ridiculous amounts of essays, projects, tests, etc. I also have a lamp that my mom randomly just sent me and a couple of floor pillows on the way that I’m planning on putting in the living room. Because what’s the point of living in a space for so long if it doesn’t make you smile when you walk in the door?

Now that I’ve at least somewhat covered the living situation, I’ll try focusing on the academic situation in my next post. It’s hard to sit down and talk about the work load when you’re spending most of your time actually taking care of it but I’ll try to make it happen.