Exploring Clayton

Foodies, this one is for you.

Over the weekend, Erika, one of my friends from the good old days (and I mean the good old days—my next door neighbor for more than ten years, she’s been my buddy since I was in kindergarten), road-tripped here from Mizzou for Loufest. She got in late Friday night, so we chatted for a few hours before hitting the hay.

The next morning, we decided to head off campus for breakfast. A fellow walker, Erika was willing to make the trek out to Clayton. Lucky for us, it was sixties and sunny—perfect fall weather, unusual for mid-September—so the journey was fantastic. And when we finally got into downtown Clayton, we walked right into the 2015 St. Louis Art Festival, where most streets were closed to traffic; in place of the usual cars, we found white tents of all sizes, teeming with pottery, pictures, and people of all ages.

After exploring for a bit, we found our intended destination, City Coffeehouse & Creperie, a cute, French-style cafe. We hopped in line and began perusing an extensive menu of curious crepe creations, all of which catered to different tastes; we had so many options we could hardly decide what to order. I settled on a savory breakfast crepe called the French Connection, which was filled with hash browns and scrambled eggs and a spicy chili, while Erika went for the Provence, which contained brie, apples, walnuts, and grapes. Both were delicious—and more than enough food, even for me.


The dining area at City Coffeehouse & Creperie

Once we had stuffed ourselves, we set off for dessert because that’s what one should always do after consuming more than generous portions of food. The point of interest? Vincent van Doughnut, which might be my new favorite shop. Not only is the name brilliantly punny, the storefront is adorable. Minimalist yet eclectic, clean-cut with a slightly vintage vibe. I really dig it. And the doughnuts are unreal, made from scratch every day.


Interior of Vincent van Doughnut.

Because Erika and I had already eaten so much, we split just one, a cheesecake cookie crumble donut. Fluffy and light, it was aesthetically pleasing and oh-so-tasty. And the best part is, I bought it with Bear Bucks.

Basically the gold standard of doughnuts.

Basically the gold standard of doughnuts.

While I have meandered over to the Delmar Loop countless times, my Saturday morning in Clayton was a first filled with surprises of all sorts. A 10/10 would recommend situation, I could not have asked for a better way to catch up with an old friend.