Dorm Tour

One of the things I enjoy the most about my dorm this year is that it is in the Village House.

The Village House provides housing for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In the building, there are three eating areas: the Village Café, the Millbrook Market, and the Village Coffee Connection. On the main floor, there is a post office, game room, ATM, lobby, etc. Downstairs, there is a computer lab, laundry room, music practice rooms, and other fun rooms to hangout!

Last year, I was glad I lived right across from the South 40 House in Rubelman House because it was right across from food. This year, I am even happier because food is right downstairs—I can stay in the same building to eat, sleep, do my laundry, print homework, etc.

This is ideal for the lazy person (like me!)   😀

Since my dorm is a modern single (in a suite with four rooms), I had a lot of freedom decorating it. Before school begun, I made a list of all of the things I wanted to bring to college (and not bring to college). I also made sure to bring a couple of things that would add color to my room: wrapping paper, stuffed animals, pictures, lights, and a colorful bed sheet. Even if you are not an artsy person, simply having the right about of colorful items in your room will make it look ten times better, trust me.

I have taken a couple pictures to sort of “walk you” through my dorm room.


When you first enter into the suite, you’ll see a hallway with a counter in front of the middle two rooms. The counter can hold stuff on top of it and below it. In our suite, I use it as a cooking area if I want to make lunch or dinner there (I usually make breakfast in my room). There are four singles, so the two people on the left share the bathroom on the left, and the two people on the right share the bathroom on the right.


This is a closer look at the bathroom. There is sink, mirror, stall, and shower. I think the bathroom is quite big for just two people, but maybe I am biased because I lived in a traditional dorm last year (everyone shared one bathroom, which had many stalls and showers).


Finally, we arrive at my room! Wow, look at those colors! Last year, I did not have a fridge, so I made sure to bring one this year. The dorm came with all the other furniture shown in the picture. This year, my dorm is in a spot that gets quite a lot of sunlight. I usually try to keep my blinds open during the day. Oh, and a helpful tip for decorating the walls and doors: USE BLUE TAPE. They are easy to put on and take off!


Here is a closer view on my lovely fridge area. I like sitting on the couch (it is SO soft) and reading, which is why it is also pretty convenient to have food right next to me. I also have a water heater for tea and my rice cooker set on top of my fridge. Food=motivation to do more homework. By the way, check out that lovely, sparkly, glittery scarf that I tied down on my door knob.


On the opposite side of my fridge, I have my closet. One of the things that surprised me was that the closet doors both have built-in mirrors on them! This makes changing clothes so much easier. There is also a small bulletin board on the right of the closet. On there, I put some pictures, the bus schedule, and a paper calendar of the month on it.


Now, here is one of my favorite parts about my room: my bed area. I taped some wrapping paper above my bed so that I can put pictures/notes/important stuff on it later on. I also moved all of the non-desk furniture beside my bed so that it is more convenient for me to use/saves space. The big one is a drawer for clothes and makeup products. The smaller one on top is what I use for books and small items (like glasses and calculators).


Finally, we come to my absolute favorite part of my room: my desk. I probably spent the most time decorating this area, since I will be spending a lot of my non-sleeping time in this place. I have some more food on the right (more motivation for studying). On my desk, I put some stuffed animals, which will definitely keep me smiling when I am in the middle of writing a long research paper. I also have a desk lamp, a floor lamp, and wall lights in this area. This is *especially* important for the night time when I no longer get any sunlight. The brightness of these lights combined=amazing.


I hope you enjoyed the dorm tour!

~ Nancy 🙂