Do you like sustainability?

Do you like sustainability?

If you answered yes to that question, I would like to introduce you to Student Sustainability Fund (SSF)!

I am currently in SSF, a branch of Student Union that allocates money to undergraduate and graduate students with sustainable project ideas. Basically, if you have a project related to sustainability, you can apply to receive funding from SSF to make your project come to life!

Below, I have attached a short video which explains what SSF is!


Some of the previous projects that we have funded include Camp Kumquat, Eco-to-Go for the Wash U Medical School, Fern-iture, Material Monster, Thurtene Composting, and the Trading Post! The coolest thing about SSF is that we fund a diverse range of projects. For example, if an artist wants to design a structure using recyclable items, we will fund it! Or, if a student has a crazy project idea to start a garden, we will also fund it!

One of my favorite parts about being in SSF is reviewing applications. Each semester, we have two project deadlines for funding. Each round, we receive a number of applications. Now, you will be surprised how creative these projects are! Last year, one of the projects is a garden in which students can grow vegetables both for class and for food. Another project asked for funding for an informational conference about our environment.

As a Committee Representative, I work with other members on SSF to review these applications. Once we decide to fund a project, my job is to act as a project liaison and work with the project leaders. Some of my responsibilities include sending out monthly emails to remind project leaders to submit monthly updates and budget reports. Even though I am not in the Business School, I still feel like I have learned the basics of managing money through SSF.

It is also a lot of fun working with other students who are passionate about sustainability. Even though we all major in completely different things (from Business to Environmental Policy to IAS), we are still able to unite and work as a team with a common cause. Below is a picture from SUp All Night, an event during the first weekend of the school year in which different student organizations present themselves at the DUC for the freshmen.




Our current SSF President, Heather, also decided to model for this flyer. As you can see, she is really excited to learn more about your projects! P.S.- we did do a fun photoshoot for SSF last semester using props like Eco-to-Go boxes, tree branches, and garbage bins.


For more information on SSF, check out our website and Facebook page below!





~ Nancy 🙂