Sophomore or Freshman?

Hi guys!

So after stumbling through the first Monday and Tuesday of my sophomore year, I’ve noticed quite a few similarities between this school year and last year. Even though now I get to label myself as a “sophomore,” I still feel like I am pretty new to the Wash U campus.

Being a freshman last year was easy because I had an excuse to be confused and lost. I remember walking around with a map and trying to find Cupples I and Cupples II (hint: Cupples II is CLOSER to Olin Library than Cupples I, which took me quite a while to remember).

Now that I am a sophomore, I can no longer walk up to a random stranger and ask where a building is located without feeling embarrassed. And trust me, I had to embarrassingly ask a few friends (mostly student tour guides) for help. I’m pretty sure that after a couple months of summer vacation, even the juniors and seniors may have forgotten the location of the buildings on campus.

Being a sophomore, surprisingly, is not that much different from a freshman. I still feel like I am one of the youngest in class, and the only people I am older than are the freshmen (who are usually in the introductory level courses that I am not taking).

Another thing I noticed was that I still had the freedom of taking random classes unrelated to my major, just like I did last year. Sophomore year, especially the Fall semester, is the last few moments for me to enjoy not having to decide on my major. I am taking IAS classes right now because I am pretty certain that I want to be an IAS major; however, if I end up liking another course I am taking, it is not late to completely change my major (again!).

And finally, freshmen tend to hangout in large groups with over 10 people because they are so new to the campus. That is completely normal—my floor last year used to walk to the Loop for dinner or have floor movie nights. It was not until second semester that I have found a tight group of friends with people from other dorms on the South 40.

However, my friend group has now expanded to include even more people! As a non-freshman, I can honestly say that there is still nothing wrong with hanging out in a large group. In fact, it makes eating together feel like a large Thanksgiving Dinner. On Sunday, we all had dinner together at the Village and took up an entire half of the room! We are quite a wide range of people, all with different majors and hobbies, who have found each other in the most random timings and places. This is also one of the things I love the most about Wash U—you meet people and build lasting friendships all the time.


Happy first week of school!

~ Nancy 🙂