From Fresh Meat to Wise Fool

Sophomore year has officially begun, and with it I find myself no longer the new kid on campus but a sophomore, which, as Merriam-Webster reminds me, comes from the the Greek sophos (wise) and moros (foolish). I recognize I have been largely silent of late, but rest assured, my online absence has not been for want of material. As a WUSA (more on that to come), a member of multiple student groups, and occasionally**, a student, I have been swamped transitioning back to college life.

Once you overcome the stress of moving in and frantically decorating the wall-space you never had as a freshman, the return isn’t so bad. Certainly not as challenging as setting foot here for the first time. As a sophomore, you know where the academic buildings are, you have deciphered WashU’s countless acronyms, and, when it comes to ordering pasta at BD, you are a seasoned veteran. Make no mistake, you’ve still got a lot to learn. Like how to register your bike or declare a major or drag yourself out of bed so you can get to that 9am statistics class. But things are comfortable pretty much from the get-go. And that is a nice feeling indeed.

I’m glad to be back, and I’m even more glad my friends are back with me. I’m glad we have already staked out our next John Donuts run, snagged our tickets for LouFest, and assembled multiple Keurigs to keep up with our near-constant demand for coffee. I’m glad to be starting round two. And I’m glad I get to tell you all about it.

**Read ironically, perhaps with an affected English accent. Your call on the latter suggestion, though.