WU Churn: They Do Butter Better

Do you ever find yourself sitting alone when all of a sudden you feel an urge to churn butter?

Well there are a surprising amount of Wash U students who get this feeling, and they decided to start WU Churn: Wash U’s Premiere Butter Churning Society. It is, in fact, the premiere society since it is the first and only butter churning club on campus. Some say that’s because no one else has the time to invest in the art of butter churning, while others say it is because they have reached perfection in dairy form. Regardless, WU Churn has become a campus staple simply because they do butter better.

Armed with dozens of mason jars, cream, a love of dairy, WU Churn infiltrates a freshman dorm lobby a few times a semester for General Butter Meetings, or GBMs. To get churners in the mood, they play exclusively butter related songs like “Peanut Butter Jelly Time,” “I Like Bread and Butter,” and the instructional song from Barney on how to make a peanut butter sandwich. They spend the entire meeting shaking the cream until it turns to golden butter; it’s essentially a free Shake Weight with a great pay off. It’s a great opportunity to meet people who may share your passion for dairy, or like getting their arms toned, or have an occasional Friday afternoon free for a GBM.

Students have described the butter as:


“Sitting in my mini fridge since March”

“The stuff of dreams”


“A lactose intolerant nightmare”

“The best thing about Wash U”

Like 70% of the Wash U community, the members of WU Churn get involved with community service. They can be found at Dance Marathon raising money for Children’s Miracle Network and Relay for Life, “churning for a cure.” WU Churn offers the quirkiest arm workout in St. Louis, the freshest butter in the 314, and gives students the chance to be wonderfully ridiculous.