Mr. Wash. U.

I have really enjoyed all of the on campus programs I’m involved in, but this past year I got to join a group called Mr. Wash. U (“MRWU). MRWU was started over ten years ago as a benefit for City Faces. Our year long fundraising efforts comprises the majority of the programming budget for City Faces. City Faces is a Wash U group that joins WashU students with children in the Peabody Housing project in a mentoring and tutoring relationship. Through City Faces, the mentoring groups get to do things like go on trips to the City Museum, work on art projects together, and have tutoring sessions, all of which create a strong connection between the City Faces kids and Wash U students.

Essentially MRWU is a fun pageant that raises all of the money City Faces uses! The Executive (“EXEC”) committee and student body work together to select four candidates from each academic year to compete for the title of Mr. Wash. U. All year long the candidates and EXEC team work to fundraise as much as possible for City Faces because MRWU is the only fundraiser for the program. It all culminates in a pageant show where the new Mr. Wash. U. is crowned. Even though it is technically a competition the candidates all become really close through the goofy things they do to raise money like performing a dance number at Dance Marathon, rehearsing talents and performances for the April show, and spending free time at City Faces. As an organization, MRWU hosts a lot of events throughout the year like a Fall Festival, and the recently added event called Human Bowling Tournament where students got a chance to become a bowling ball taking down people-sized pins in Tisch Commons.

Personally, I have loved getting a chance to help support the City Faces program after I found out what the program entailed. Though I was not able to commit time to being a mentor with City Faces, MRWU has allowed me to stay involved with keeping City Faces going. It think everyone involved with MRWU is extremely privileged to meet the amazing children in the program. They are why we work so vigorously all year long to raise as much money as possible.

After having an amazing first year with MRWU, I am ecstatic to begin organizing for this upcoming year and for the new opportunity to surpass our previous fundraising total! If you’re curious about Mr. Wash. U. or City Faces, I encourage you to visit the following sites!



happy hunting,