Careers on Careers on Careers

Have you ever thought about what you want to do post-graduation? Ever feel a slight twinge of panic when you think about getting a job or getting into grad school? If so, understand that you are not alone. Everyone feels stressed when applying for or seeking out new career opportunities. But you don’t have to deal with this stress alone. Washington University has an incredible Career Center dedicated to finding WUSTL students the best opportunities for post-grad life and more. Take advantage of the Career Center! It’s always open to our students. Let’s talk about some of the many resources the Career Center has to offer.

I work for the Career Center as a Career Peer. This means I act as a peer advisor to all students that walk into the Career Center. I work at the front desk and help all students with resume building and cover letter writing. It’s my goal to make sure our students are presenting the best materials possible to a given employer. In addition, I match students with advisors within the Career Center. Many of our advisors specialize in a certain industry, be it architecture, entertainment, consulting, etc… If a student looks to find an internship or job in a certain industry, I will pair them with an appropriate advisor. These pairings allow our students to take advantage of the expertise of our wonderful Career Center advisors. The Career Center’s motto is ‘From Passion Springs Purpose.’ We believe that Washington University students should pursue their passions no matter what, and it’s our mission to help students achieve their goals.

If you need help preparing for an interview, the Career Center also offers mock interview practice. Dress up in your business professional and prepare for an hour long interview with a Career Center advisor. You will be filmed throughout the interview, allowing you to see firsthand where adjustments need to be made to your interview style. This is incredibly helpful, especially for those seeking jobs that place a large emphasis on the interview portion of the application.

The Career Center has an important online service called CareerLink. About 5,000 jobs and internships are posted to this website every year. Perusing this website will expose you to opportunities you never even imagined. In addition you can filter your searches if you’re looking for something in particular, be it based on location, industry, or time commitment. Either way, be sure to take advantage of CareerLink.

The Career Center also holds career fairs and road shows every year. Career fairs bring firms from around the country to our own campus to recruit WashU students. This is an amazing opportunity to network and form connections in any area of your interest. Road shows bring students to various cities around the country with a certain industry focus. On these road shows you will be able to gain exposure to your industry of choice but also meet leaders within that industry. It’s once again an awesome chance to network and put yourself out there.

Clearly the Career Center has so much to offer. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of all that the Career Center does for our students! Come stop by and say hi whenever! We’re always here for you!