Cardinal Nation

Each city might think that they have the most spirited sports fans, but I gotta say, I’ve been blown away by the fervor and passion that St. Louisans have for the baseball team that has stolen their hearts. St. Louis is one of the greatest baseball towns in the history of the U.S., with fans more knowledgeable and enthusiastic than many other cities. Known as Cardinal Nation or Redbird Nation, loyal Cardinals fans are spread throughout the United States, not only dominating much of the Midwest but also extending south and west.

Even if you don’t know anything about sports, you must have heard of the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cards are one of the most successful franchises in baseball history with 11 World Series championships (second only to the New York Yankees), 19 National League pennants, and 12 division titles. Last fall, they competed in the National League Championship Series, falling short (to my pride and joy, my home team the San Francisco Giants) of advancing to the World Series, but still making it really far in the post-season. Even now, THEY ARE ON FIRE! After just sweeping the Chicago Cubs, they are, of course, first in the NL Central Division.

Another feature for Cards fans to take advantage of is Ballpark Village, the newest dining and entertainment district in St. Louis. From the St. Louis favorite frozen custard place Ted Drewes to a locally owned premier sushi restaurant called Drunken Fish for dining options, there are also a lot of performers who come to Ballpark Village for entertainment in addition to baseball games. Throughout the year, they have a ton of awesome events there as well.  Ballpark village hosts Family Fun Days, a summer concert series, which featured Neon Trees just last week, a country concert series in the fall and winter, a New Year’s Eve party, Fan Fests for the Blues and Rams fans, and many other events.

Joining the ever expanding fan club of the Cardinals is practically a ritual that every WashU student will go through, unless of course you’re a hardcore Cubs fan! Although I somewhat reluctantly traded my Giants gear for the team that stole my heart, I have embraced the Cardinals as my very own. For those of you who are avid baseball fans like me, going to a Cardinals’ game is an absolutely incredible experience, with the Arch gorgeously framing the sky behind the stadium to the air that’s buzzing with energy and excitement. CS40, the governing body of the South 40 residential area, subsidizes Cardinals tickets at the beginning of the year so definitely take advantage of that opportunity to appreciate the wonderful baseball culture of St. Louis and also to hang out with your new friends! Welcome to Cardinals Nation!


Friendship feat. the Arch

2014-08-18 19.12.36-1 (1)

Just outside Busch Stadium!

2014-08-18 19.23.37

Cardinal Nation reppin’!