What’s new, WashU?

Hey guys! I’m Michelle, one of your wonderful Admissions Summer Interns! I’m from Sunnyvale, California, a lovely city in the heart of Silicon Valley.Going from a relatively mild climate to the weather of St. Louis has definitely been a change, but it’s been quite an experience getting acclimated to the humid summers and cold winters. Real seasons are quite amazing. Who knew?

Anyway, I’m a rising sophomore in the process of transferring from Arts and Sciences to the Olin Business School to study Economics and Strategy and Health Care Management. One of the great things about WashU is its academic flexibility, which I have already taken advantage of in my short time here so far. Basically, I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing with my academic life at the moment since I’m in this weird limbo stage now, soooooo we’ll see how it goes.

Edit: just kidding! I’m actually not transferring to the Business School, but instead I’m going to study Economics in Arts and Sciences. Economics in Arts and Sciences is a bit more of a theoretical approach while Economics and Strategy examines business from an economic lens. I have a stronger interest in traditional economics and want to delve more deeply in that field.

As someone who’s been singing since I learned how to talk, I have been incredibly lucky to join the vibrant a cappella community this year as a new member of the Aristocats, WashU’s premier all Disney a cappella group. Personally, I think that our group is more than just an a cappella group that sings Disney music all the time – we are a family. On top of spending rehearsals with these fellow Disney enthusiasts (read: nerds), we spend countless hours studying together, chilling in BD after rehearsals, trying out new restaurants in St. Louis, and obviously, binge watching Disney movies. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful group of people, and in the process get to make some really awesome music too!

Post-fall concert Aristocats group selfie! Herd of nerds

Honestly, I hadn’t heard of WashU before my high school counselor suggested that it might be a university of interest. At his suggestion, I attended an information session in my junior year and immediately fell in love. Obviously, WashU has incredible academics, but the school offers so much support and resources for its students. I knew that I would be able to succeed here and also take advantage of the rich student experience through student organizations and study abroad programs. The community here is so wonderful, and even though I came from a school where no one has come to WashU, I have never once felt alone. After I visited, I made the decision to apply early and have had a such a blast!

8.25.2014 – where has the time gone????

I cannot wait for the school year to start! I can’t believe that I’m already going to be a sophomore, but I miss all my friends, and especially, I miss going to a cappella practice.  Hopefully, this will be the year I figure out what I want to major in, and I’m excited to see what path I might take.

I’m really excited to write for our student blog and share some of my WashU experiences with y’all. I hope you guys enjoy my blog posts!


Lien 2 aka the biggest and best freshman floor on the 40; go big or go home!