*pause for awkward introduction*

Hi y’all!

My name is Ciara Hackman and I am a rising junior in the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art where I am majoring in Architecture, and I’m possibly minoring in African and African American Studies, unclear. If I am, its one of those classic accidental minor situations where I just loved taking AFAS classes every semester and ended up 4 classes shy of the minor. Anyway, when I find a minute outside of studio, I work with a group called Mr. Wash. U. which is a fundraiser for the City Faces program here on campus. I’m also a brother of the National/Professional Art and Architecture Fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi. Aside from that, I love watching Food Network marathons of Chopped with my friends and trying to get my hair to look like Janelle Monae’s.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell of 145 words! I hope y’all enjoy keeping up with me and my fellow Undergraduate Admission Interns as we update this blog with our summer shenanigans!

happy hunting,