Hi there! My name’s Zack!

Hi there! My name is Zack Schultz. I’m a rising Junior from Milwaukee, WI. I’m majoring in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP, for short) and minoring in Drama. This summer I get the privilege of working as an undergraduate intern in the Admissions Office at WashU. I’m really excited to write for the WashU 360 blog and hope to share a little bit more about myself and my summer experience here!

One of the best decisions I made at WashU was deciding to major in PNP. The summer before I came here, I decided to embark on a fun little project. I opened the Fall 2013 course catalogue WashU had sent me and circled every academic subject in the table of contents that I could see myself majoring in at WashU. Then, I went to each of those circled sections and circled every class I would be interested in taking. Lo and behold, PNP was the only major that had every single class circled. Since then, I’ve enjoyed every related course – from Intro to Psychology to Cognitive Neuroscience, from Great Philosophers to Existentialism, and everything in between.

When I’m not diving deep into the world of mental phenomena, one can usually find me expending all my creative energy doing some form of performing art. I’m currently on the executive boards for All Student Theatre (AST) and the Performing Musicians’ Resource Group (PMRG), am a member of the improv team Mama’s Pot Roast, and am consistently involved in the Performing Arts Department, WUSlam (WashU’s slam poetry team), KWUR 90.3 FM (WashU’s radio station), and CRASH (WashU’s unconventional drum team). I play music in my free time, which could either mean playing my acoustic guitar in my room, spinning some vinyl records, or banging on the drums in the PMRG room. Creative performance, on top of cognitive sciences, is pretty much my life here.

My experience with the WashU Admissions Office so far this summer has been a dream. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my summer! The office environment is wonderful – I’ve made so many meaningful connections here, and feel very comfortable talking about pretty much anything with any of my fellow employees! I can’t wait to see what else is in store this summer.

One of the biggest questions students ask me during one of my tours or presentations is “Why did you choose WashU?” My answer is simple. First and foremost, I knew when I first visited WashU that this is the perfect place for me to manageably and reasonably finish my degree in four years while still being able to chase after my passions. Additionally, everyone is unbelievably accepting of everyone else here, no matter their background or culture. People truly make an effort here to get to know everyone’s story. On top of that, the student atmosphere is collaborative over anything else. I’ve never felt competed against by any means, and I’ve been in numerous group projects throughout my time here in which students have had to tackle a common goal with unique skillsets and problem-solving styles.

During my time here, I hope to cover some of the topics I mentioned above to bring my passions to the forefront of WashU-related media. Additionally, I also hope to write about some of the events and activities I take part in this summer!

Until next time, folks!

Zack Schultz performing in Blues for Mr. Charlie

Me performing in Blues for Mr. Charlie!