Aloha WashU!

Hey guys! My name is Carter Umetsu. I’m a rising sophomore from Maui, Hawaii studying marketing and operations and supply chain management through the business school. Leaving my home in paradise for a dorm room in the middle of the country was one of the hardest things that I have ever done. But the experiences that I have had here have made it more than worth it. As a summer intern at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, I get to give you all a look into my life as a WashU student.

On campus, I am a violinist in the Symphony Orchestra, play on the Men’s Club Water Polo Team, and work backstage at the Edison Theater. Between these different activities, I was very busy this past year. Filled with ups and downs, freshman year was overall a wonderful experience. This blog is a way for me to tell you all of my favorite stories from my time here at WashU. I figure that the best way to start would be to talk about my transition from living in Maui to going to school in St. Louis.

When I was looking at colleges and universities, I told myself that my only requirement was that it would be on one of the coasts. East coast or West coast, I did not care. I just refused to go to school in what I called the “bread basket of the US,” AKA the Midwest. Coincidentally, I was in St. Louis the summer before my senior year visiting some family. My mother persuaded me to visit WashU while I was here, figuring that it couldn’t hurt. I ended up loving everything about the school, even its location.

St. Louis has proven to be, in my opinion, one of the best parts of WashU. The abundance of opportunities in the city has allowed me to see concerts, watch the symphony orchestra perform, go to a Cardinals game, and even visit the Arch. Back home on Maui, where the only musicians to come through are aging bands who peaked in the 70s, I would never have had these opportunities.

St. Louis and the Midwest as a whole have surprised me in a positive way. Coming from Maui, I thought of the Midwest as a giant field of corn. But WashU and the city of St. Louis have more than changed my mind. I cannot express how lucky I feel to be studying in such a hub of historical and cultural importance.

Now that I’ve explained how I got here in the first place, I can tell you about the best parts of my freshman year here at WashU! I cannot wait to share all of my experiences with you!