Once Upon A Time There Was a Girl Named Caroline

Hello humans! I’ve been told that this is post where I’m supposed to introduce myself.

The basics: My name is Caroline; I’m a rising senior (which is so terrifying that I’ve begun to refer to my year as “the S word”) majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a second major in Marketing. I’m from the New York City suburb of Darien, CT, but now live in the small (and I mean SMALL) town of Bellaire, MI. The best part about living in Michigan is that I can show people where I live by pointing on my hand.

this is my actual hand; hand may or may not be actual size, depending on your web-browsing device

this is my actual hand; hand may or may not be actual size, depending on your web-browsing device

This is really helpful because basically everything people think is interesting in Michigan is near Detroit/Lansing/Ann Arbor (approximately the base of my thumb) and nowhere near the amazing and beautiful 1000-population town I call home.

The [hopefully] less boring stuff:

At WashU, I’ve been involved in everything from athletics to cultural groups to music. Since my freshman year though, I’ve narrowed down my commitments to the ones I’m truly passionate about. One of my primary commitments is my sorority, Alpha Omega Epsilon, which is WashU’s sorority for engineering and science majors. It’s really cool to be a part of a group of girls with common interests participating in professional, philanthropic, and social events. My other big involvement is in admissions – I’ve been lucky to have been able to serve in several leadership positions for our tour guide program. I also work two [awesome] part-time jobs on campus, one as a peer advisor at the Career Center and one as a teaching assistant.

my sorority family! we're a bunch of weirdos

my sorority family! we’re a bunch of weirdos

While I love all of my activities, my favorite parts of WashU are outside of all of my commitments – hanging out with my friends, participating in campus events, and exploring St. Louis.  Also, sleeping. Sleeping is great.

Until next time!