Why Are Bear Bucks Useful?

Hi everyone!

One very handy-dandy thing that Wash U has is Bear Bucks. Bear Bucks is a cashless system on your WashU ID, and you can swipe your ID to make purchases with Bear Bucks both on and off campus. Some stores even give Wash U students a discount when they use Bear Bucks instead of a credit/debit card, and Wash U also gets a small percentage of sales associated with Bear Bucks to cover administrative costs for the system.

To add Bear Bucks into your account, you can either go to WebSTAC (which you can access via your phone and laptop) or visit Campus Card Services. The minimum deposit is $5.00 (no coins will be accepted).

Bear Bucks come in extremely useful for busy college students. Whenever I go off campus to get food with friends, I tend to be forgetful. Once, I brought my ID and even added in Bear Bucks into it at our restaurant (which took Bear Bucks, thankfully!).

In addition, you can also use Bear Bucks for laundry and vending, or as a substitute whenever you run out of meal points and printing money.

Here are some pictures of my favorite off-campus restaurants that accept Bear Bucks!


Noodles & Company in the Delmar Loop!


Crepes Etc. in Central West End!


Lu Lu Seafood & Dim Sum in Olive Blvd.

I wanted to find a full list of all the places that accepted Bear Bucks, so I visited the Campus Card Services website. I also linked each place to its website, so you can check out what kind of food/items it offers!

Check the Campus Card Services website out here: https://card.wustl.edu/bear-bucks/

Here is a list of all the on-campus locations that accept Bear Bucks:

Campus Businesses

North Campus:

School of Medicine:

West Campus:

Here is a list of all the off-campus locations that accept Bear Bucks:

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope your summer vacation is great so far!

~ Nancy <3