The Year in Review, Part I: Top 10 Best Moments

I have been back in the ‘burbs for about a week now, readjusting to life without late-night crepes and stressed-out insomniacs. Now that I have returned home and given myself some distance to reflect on my first year at WashU, I believe a summary post is in order. Forgive the cliché metaphor, but freshman year was a roller coaster: while flying across the tracks, the journey felt like forever. Then Move-Out day came along, my lap bar swung up, and I found myself reluctant to stand up, walk away.

To be sure, parts of the journey were less than stellar. Getting to the top is never easy, and it always takes longer than the exciting plunge down. But every part of it is exhilarating. So, without further ado, here are the top ten moments of my freshman year:

1. My first BD crepe

Sasquatch? Or WashU Student?

Sasquatch? Or hungry WashU Student?

After our third day of classes, several of my floormates and I decided to check out the BD crepe scene. At this point, I had few extra meal points and opted not to get one for myself; however, one of my friends got full after eating only half of hers. After I had returned to my dorm, I received a text informing me of the unwanted dessert, so, to quote my best friend Hannah, “without hesitation [I] left [my] room on the 3rd floor of Beau and made a beeline for BD” in my flannel pants and Toms. Yes, it was worth it.

2. LouFest 2014


Ever the procrastinator, I bought a one-day pass two hours before Sunday’s lineup started performing. Journeying to Forest Park in the early September heat, I saw Matt & Kim, Grouplove, Portugal. the Man, Trombone Shortey and Orleans Avenue, and Outkast. And oh man, was it marvelous. And to top it off, Hannah and I picked up this majestic Gooey Butter Cake Donut from the Strange Donuts tent:


 3. The Rise of Chairman Meow


Early in the semester, my friend Mikayla and I hit up the poster sale in the DUC and found a true work of art: a cat’s head photoshopped onto Chairman Mao’s body. We purchased it, and, in a perfect example of our childish nature, we hung it up in the Beau3 common room while no one else was around. We found out it disturbed one of our friends in particular, so later we hung it on his door while he was out for the night. Though initially horrified by our little prank, he was a good sport about it. And Chairman Meow stuck around for the better part of our year, eliciting quite a few laughs in the process.

4. South 40 Formal


The lovely ladies of B3au do Fall Formal

It was an evening of free sushi, chocolate-covered strawberries, and dancing at the Jewel Box Greenhouse in Forest Park. A fantastic venue with good music and better friends. What more could you ask for?

5. B3au Holiday Celebration


With everyone getting stressed about finals, my friend and I decided to lighten the mood with a holiday celebration complete with ugly sweaters, Christmas music, presents, latkes, and dreidels on dreidels on dreidels. Seriously, it was one of my favorite evenings of the year.

The magnificent residents of the 40's best floor, Beau3

The magnificent residents of the 40’s best floor, Beau3

6. Bid Day 2015


This girl went ChiO, and she’s throwing what she knows. Joining a sorority demanded a huge leap out of my comfort zone, and I am so glad I did it. I have met some incredible women and made some great friends. And I can’t wait to get to know them better.

7. Spring Breaking in Tahlequah, Oklahoma


Our supervisor Richard was all about the selfie. Note: He’s the one cut off in the foreground, holding the iPhone

No, there isn’t a beach. But what I wanted was to make new friends, do some service, and see a different part of the country. I got all those things and more when I joined the Habitat for Humanity chapter on its annual Spring Break build. Challenging, eye-opening, and yes, even fun.

8. My First Trip to John’s Donuts.


Please don’t judge me too much. I’m just a sucker for a fantastic donut. Seriously though, kids: this should be on every WashU student’s bucket list. If I could subsist solely on John’s Donuts apple fritters, I would.

9. Holi 2015


Culture, craziness, and colored powder. Dig it.

10. B3au Picnic


Would I have been able to say goodbye to these goons without eating to our hearts’ content first? Nope, probably not. Toasted ravioli, mac & cheese, wings, and John’s Donuts for lunch, followed by floor superlatives, music, and goofiness. I could not have asked for a better way to wind down the year.