Who am I?

I’m Sierra, and first and foremost I am EXCITED because this is my very first post as a student blogger for WashU admissions.

Here’s what you need to know about me—

I’m a San Diego native and I cherish my family back in California more than anything else in the world. I frequently find myself reflecting about how happy being a college student makes me. I love the pursuit of knowledge purely for the sake of knowledge. I believe coffee is a way of life. I overuse exclamation marks, I cover every square inch of my room in photographs, and I depend on my friends to keep me sane.

Here’s what I study—

I’m a newly declared GHE (Global Health and the Environment) major, which is a field I didn’t know about (let alone knew I wanted to study) before coming here. The major is technically a track of the Anthropology major, which means my schedule this semester is chock full of Anthro classes. So far, I’m absolutely loving it; the major combines my passion for biology and my love of people in an incredibly meaningful way.

Meanwhile, my minor is in Children’s Studies. My coursework in this area takes an incredibly interdisciplinary approach that fuels my diverse interests. I’ve had the opportunity to discuss everything from the development of moral cognition in toddlers to the way children were viewed in Ancient Greek society to the politics of the American education system.

Here’s what I do with the rest of my life—

My passion (and goal in life) is to work with kids. I’m a teaching assistant at the Washington University Nursery School. I do one-on-one tutoring with Kindergarteners at KIPP: Victory Academy. I work shifts in the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Emergency Department to help out with research studies.

On campus, I work with Congress of the South 40 to put on high-energy programs that build the South 40 residential community. I’m also really involved in my sorority, which has helped make WashU my home away from home.

Last thoughts—

I’m thrilled to begin sharing my WashU stories and experiences with you all. Through my posts, I hope to provide an exciting, lively, and dynamic view of what it’s like to live and learn here!