Let’s eat crepes! =)

Hi everyone!

Do you know what I love? Crepes. Yes, crepes! My favorite.

Every Sunday-Thursday evening from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 A.M., you can get delicious crepes from Cherry Tree Café in Bear’s Den. These crepes are definitely worth the 5 meal points. In fact, if you walk past BD around crepes time, you can see the long line of people waiting to get their late night treat.

I can admit I am a crepe-addict. Last semester, I got a crepe every day it was offered. I would say I did the same this semester, except I skipped the one-week after Spring Break (I got my wisdom teeth removed then). Now, I’m back on track again with crepes. Yay!



So let me tell you a bit more about crepes. I can go on for hours, trust me.

One of the things Ms. Pam, the lady who makes the crepes, stresses the most everyday is, “YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TICKET.” Before getting in the crepe line, everyone must go to the cashier and pay for the crepe in advance (and keep the receipt, which will later be collected when you get closer to the crepe station).

If you don’t hand in a ticket, you don’t get a crepe. The purpose of this is to prevent people from cutting in line and getting crepes. Ms. Pam also does a great job enforcing this rule.

Sometimes, Ms. Pam would give a short speech right before the crepe station opens at 11:00 p.m. Usually she would say things to make us more motivated. After all, the whole point of getting crepes this late in the night is to get that extra fruit boost to cram for that one exam the next day, right? In my opinion, the crepes are the single thing I look forward to the most, especially since I have language quizzes every other day during the week for Chinese.

After your crepe ticket has been collected, you will be asked what kind of fruit you would like inside your crepe. You can choose from 8 fruits, 3 sauces, whipped-cream, and other additional candy/chocolate sprinkles. Here is a quick breakdown of the crepe menu:


1. Strawberries

2. Blueberries

3. Raspberries

4. Blackberries

5. Pineapples

6. Mangoes*

7. Bananas**

8. Peaches

*Occasionally, there won’t be any bananas or mangoes.

**If you do want bananas though, make sure to come within the first hour that crepes are offered (11:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.). They run out fast!


1. Sweet cream cheese (my absolute favorite)

2. Caramel

3. Chocolate

Whipped cream:

1. None (bad idea)

2. Light (best option)

3. “Yes, I want whipped cream.” (a LOT of whipped cream)

Additional toppings:

1. M&M’s

2. Chocolate pieces

3. Rainbow sprinkles



You might be wondering what my favorite crepe recipe is right now. I get the same order each night (Ms. Pam has my order memorized).

These are only the seven best things to get on the crepe:

1. strawberries

2. pineapples

3. blueberries

4. mangoes

5. bananas

6. extra sweet cream cheese

7. light whipped cream.


I would recommend you to at least try one crepe if you haven’t yet!

I love crepes.


~ Nancy <33