La Vida es truly un Carnaval

It’s been a week since the Association of Latin American Student’s Carnaval production and I’m still reeling over it. Every year, there are a series of cultural productions in Edison, the campus theater, including, but not limited to, Lunar New Year Festival, Black Anthology, and Carnaval. The shows have skits illustrating some of the issues faced by certain demographics at WashU and in our country in general, as well as awesome dance performances.

Even though I’m a sophomore, this was my first year going to either Black Anthology or Lunar New Year Festival. blog They were amazing experiences that I will, without a doubt, repeat next  year and the years after, but Carnaval was especially awesome because I  had never attended the production before, I had never been an actual  performer in the show, and I had never performed in Edison. So it was a  triple threat of the best kind, really. I got to see the production behind the  scenes and meet tons of new people, many of which I’ve gotten to be good  friends with over the 3 or so months that we practiced before the  show.And I now understand the amount of work and dedication put into  every dance and performance. To be honest, I would recommend that  everyone do it the way I did if they can – participating in the performance before they actually see it – because it gives you a new appreciation for the stunts and tricks you see on stage.

It’s weird not having to go to practice every other night, and even weirder to know that a lot of the friends I made will be graduating in just a few weeks, but I don’t regret participating in Carnaval for even a minute. I’m just going to concentrate on all the things I’ve gained from the show and, hopefully, choreograph next year so I can keep the good feelings going and remain a part of the production.


Music I’m listening to right now: Fantasy by Alina Baraz