It is sunny again!

Hi everyone!

It is currently 70 degrees outside. This is a huge contrast from the last couple of weeks. I remember coming back from Spring Break and seeing sprinkles of snow falling from the sky. Now, it’s officially sunny weather time again!

It is surprising how much of a role the weather plays in student life here at Wash U. Other than people wearing t-shirts and shorts outside, there are also hammocks and picnics outside. People will now spend more time under the sun instead of bundled up indoors.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that there are a lot more people taking pictures outside (even students who have already lived here for many years!). It is nice that even Wash U students (who aren’t “touring” the campus) take the time to walk past places like Brookings to take pictures. In fact, I think I’ve liked at least 4 Instagram pictures showing beautiful scenes on campus. I even took some myself (no shame, no shame).

Some places that I like to hang out with friends right now are definitely the Swamp, the Quad, and little grass field right outside the 560 Building.

The Swamp is on the South 40 and right in the middle of the Freshman (and some Sophomore) dorms. It is a nice spot to just play Frisbee with friends or watch people play basketball. The Quad is on main campus and it is similar to the Swamp, but better (in my opinion). It has a lot more area and more people running around. Lastly, the grass area outside the 560 is less known of, but the music geeks like me go there often. I even saw a girl playing her violin while sitting down on the grass yesterday!

By the way, did you know that we have an A+ rating for “Campus Quality” according to Niche? There are other fun rankings to look at too (especially ones that students really care about, like food and housing)! Not to brag, but Wash U has a pretty good report card. For example, Wash U also has an A+ for “Best Students– Guys” and “Transportation,” haha. I sure did a lot of Niche-ing about colleges before deciding on Wash U. Check it out here: https://colleges.niche.com/washington-university-in-st-louis/campus-quality/


~ Nancy <3