Holi 2015

Now that I have gotten all the blue powder out of my ears, I would like to tell you how I spent my afternoon (no, I was not at a Smurf convention, but good try).

Today, thanks to the efforts of Ashoka, Washington University’s South Asian Cultural Group, WashU students splashed their WUrld with color for Holi 2015. After my anthropology class was dismissed for the afternoon, I headed back to the 40, donned my white ChiO-Jam tank top, and headed outside to wait for my friend, Hannah. By the time I arrived, the Swamp was swarming with students, all dressed in white and ready for a good time.

Signing in just before the first round began, Hannah and I sprinted from the table where we placed our backpacks to be immediately enveloped by a cloud of colors. It was anarchy—beautiful, beautiful anarchy. I picked up a bag of red powder and dumped it on Hannah, who returned the favor with a handful of blue to my face. Everywhere we turned, we were greeted with color by friends, sorority sisters, WUSAs, and acquaintances.

After we had exhausted our supplies of paint and powder, Ashoka handed out mango juice, and many of us turned our attention to the slip n’ slide, where we washed off some of the dye relatively painlessly.

The entire experience was a blast, and while I may be tinted blue for several days, I am already looking forward to next year’s Holi festivities.

Good work, team. It’s days like these where I remember just how friendly, fun, and goofy the WashU community is.