Coming Soon: 2015 Celebration Weekend

Every year around mid-April, WashU Undergraduate Admissions puts on one weekend (around 3 days) in which they invite accepted students from multicultural backgrounds here. Their parents are also welcome to join!

During Multicultural Celebration Weekend, the visitors will tour the campus, meet current students and faculty, learn more about the opportunities available on campus, and enjoy performances from many student groups.

This year, we are so excited to welcome members of the Class of 2019! They come on Thursday this week, and most of them will stay until Saturday.

Wash U pays for the entire trip—so it’s definitely worth it to come. I remember when I visited last year as a senior in high school. The theme was “Welcome to WUnderland.” I made many friends then that I often see around campus today. Here are some things I remember doing last year: sitting on the General Chemistry class with over 300 people in it, watching Craig Karges perform magic tricks, and touring the campus at least twice.

This year, I am also serving as a Celebration Weekend Volunteer. One of the music groups I am in, the Carnivorous Strings (from the Washington University Pops Orchestra) will be playing some awesome music: Fragments of Memories, Doctor Who Theme Song, and Games of Thrones. Be excited 😀

Throughout their stay, prospective students have a lot of events planned for them. Here is a very brief description of the events:


Thursday, April 16

  • Check in 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Visit classes
  • Attend welcome dinner
  • Enjoy special on-campus events

Friday, April 17

  • Visit classes
  • Tour campus
  • Learn from information sessions covering academic and nonacademic topics.
  • Enjoy special on-campus events
  • Be our guest at the special celebration dinner
  • Attend multicultural student group meetings

Saturday, April 18

  • Depart for home

As an Overnight Welcome Leader (OWL), I have the amazing opportunity to host students for this weekend. For the 2015 Celebration Weekend, I am going to host two girls! If you are curious about the exact role of an OWL, this is what I found on the admissions website:

“OWLs help prospective students get a feel for the WU community by introducing them to life in the residence halls. OWLs welcome visiting students in to their campus home for a night, show them around campus, and help convey what the student experience is like at WU. Our visitors are able to ask questions, and build relationships, with current students who may one day be their classmates.”

In addition, I remember when I was preparing for Celebration Weekend and being worried about living in a college environment for a few days. I found a 2012 Wash U StudLife article that was humorous and helpful. StudLife (Student Life) is Wash U’s independent student newspaper that has been around since 1878. Each week, you wake up to a newspaper under your door to read in the morning!

Check out the StudLife article here: http://www.studlife.com/forum/staff-editorials/2012/04/19/dear-prospective-freshmen-a-k-a-prefroshes/

Finally, I would like to share two more pictures from last year’s Celebration Weekend! Oh the good old memories, haha!


spying on the GenChem class (p.s.- I did end up taking this class last semester!)


Craig Karges


~ Nancy <33