2015 ThurtenE Carnival

Hi guys!

This Friday-Sunday is the weekend of ThurtenE!

So, what exactly is ThurtenE?

ThurtneE Carnival is the oldest and largest student-run carnival in the nation!

I did some research on the background of ThurtenE online, and found some cool facts about it on its website! Below are the excerpts I found most fascinating.

“The first ThurtenE Carnival was still twenty-eight years into the future when its proverbial grandfather appeared at Washington University.  The “Younivee Surrkuss,” was the conception of the Senior Men’s Honorary, Pralma. Touted as a “Grand Gigantic Galaxy of Gorgeous Glittering Generalities,” the event took place on May 8, 1907 and lasted seven hours.”

“The festival was run much like a real circus and featured sideshows and a main attraction.”

“Through the upcoming years, the springtime activity did not alter its format much, but did become part of a larger, “all-university” festival from 1940-1942.  This larger event was intended to attract area high school students to the University.  The weekend featured invitational high school track meets, fraternity open houses, exhibition baseball, physics demonstrations and, of course, ThurtenE Carnival.”

“The annual event, which now contained forty-seven booths, nine facades, and six rides, was able to make several gifts to the Washington University community.  Among these were cash gifts to the Campus Y and the University Medical School as well as a basketball scoreboard, TV for the student center, a centennial flag for the University, and a set of Westminster chimes and exterior lighting for Graham Chapel.  In the 1970’s, donations were consistently made to another charity – the St. Louis community.”

“The 1983 Carnival, the first in front of Brookings, was considered at the time to be the “best carnival ever.”  The event was expanded to include a record eighty lots and thirteen rides.  The Carnival was held without security problems or the anticipated monetary losses.  The success of the event was so impressive and reassuring that it was decided that ThurtenE Carnival should remain there “permanently.”

If you want to learn more about its history, check out the full “History” page here: http://www.thurtene.org/history/

The Wash U student body has been working so hard to put this carnival together since the beginning of this semester. There are food, games, rides, and live performances. The general admission for the carnival is free, but rides and certain performances require tickets.

This morning, I walked around the festival and met many friends from other student organizations there. I even helped out with painting one of the structures! It was fun to help paint the wood that later became part of the schoolhouse my sorority worked on! I took some pictures too!

My favorite part about the Carnival was the children having fun. Since people from all over St. Louis attend the event, it really serves a unifying purpose by bringing together everyone with the games and activities (and food!).

Moreover, the timing of the event was also perfect. This weekend is also Multicultural Celebration Weekend and Alumni Weekend, so along with the Carnival, there are also both prospective students and alumni all around campus.

This year, the carnival was held on the weekend of April 17th-April 19th. The location is in front of Brookings Hall. Below are the hours of operation:

“Friday (4/17): 4-8pm, $20 wristbands for unlimited rides available for purchase only tonight (facades will not be open this night, carnival rides only)

Saturday (4/18): 11am-8pm (both facades and carnival rides will be open)

Sunday (4/19): 11am-8pm (both facades and carnival rides will be open)”

Check out more details on location and time here: http://www.thurtene.org/carnival/

Here are some pictures from ThurtenE!

IMG_0077 IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0081 IMG_0084


~ Nancy <3