AAA Spring Formal

The Asian American Association (AAA) recently had its 2015 Spring Formal on Saturday, March 21st at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch. Over 100 Wash U students attended the event. The formal was held on the top floor of the hotel (18th floor), and its theme was “Masquerade.” Attendees dressed up in fancy suits and dresses while wearing masks ranging from black, gold, silver, and one student even brought an animal mask!

Shawn He, the current president of the group, explains the significance of AAA in his personal growth “Asian American Association as a whole is here for any of us to come and experience and define our Asian American voice. And that’s a serious thing, but it’s great too to take a night outside of Wash U and celebrate with our community.”

AAA’s Internal Vice President, Megan Bacani, adds “My favorite part about AAA is the family (fAAAmily) aspect – the close-knit bonds and amazing friendships have been such a big part of who I am today. And when our combined effort culminates in awesome events such as our recent AAA Spring Formal and upcoming Night Market, the payoff of having fun with the community is unbeatable.”

AAA is a one of the most diverse student-run organizations at Wash U, consisting of over 150 members! AAA was founded in 1985 and its mission (in brief) is to increase appreciation for Asian American culture on campus. An Executive Board that coordinates its events runs it.

Here is a link to the AAA Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/aaa.wustl

Here is a short description of the formal:

Public Relations

One of the most creative things AAA Executive Board members did to promote the event (other than via Facebook and flyering) is a Buzzfeed quiz. I know, it sounds very strange. Members posted a link to the quiz and asked their friends to take the quiz. The quiz is supposed to be a fun way for them to find out their “ideal” AAA date to the formal. The answers, of course, were not accurate; however, the quiz as a whole spread really quickly because many people took it for fun!

Here is a link to the Buzzfeed quiz: http://www.buzzfeed.com/formaaal/aaa-formal-find-your-perfect-match-1bzzk


There were two buses that picked students up right outside of Brookings Quadrangle around 6:15 pm on Saturday evening. The best part is, the weather was really nice that day. A lot of the attendees for the formal took pictures together with their friends (myself included) on the stairs in front of Brookings. The pictures look great because of the natural sunlight.


Here is a picture that a friend and I took outside Brookings.


We had a three-course meal. We started off with a salad. Then, we had a delicious chicken or vegetarian meal. Lastly comes the best part—dessert!


One of our executive member’s father DJ-ed for the event! He was incredible. Students made song requests that showed a diverse range of interest, from the Top 100 songs to Korean Pop songs like PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry.” Of course, when the K-Pop music started playing, everyone started dancing even more on the light-up dance floor. All the dancing happened in the Hyatt’s Penthouse Ballroom, which was on the rooftop!


The ballroom was beautiful. A lot of students ended up standing by the glass windows and taking pictures there. The arch is right outside the window, which creates a nice background for the pictures. The open roof terrace looking over the St. Louis skyline makes it even prettier!

More Pictures:


AAA provided masks for everyone. Here are some of them! AAA Executive Board members decorated the masks themselves!


Here are some Wash U students wearing their masks.


~ Nancy