• IMG_1862A sunset over Brookings.
  • IMG_3479The intersection of Skinker and Forest Park Parkway. You can see the Washington University Sign in the bottom left corner.
  • IMG_0551A snowstorm from my freshman dormitory, Lee.
  • IMG_2525A sunset over Francis Field.
  • IMG_2602Twilight on the street I live on, a few blocks off campus.
  • IMG_2741Brookings at dusk.
  • IMG_3439The parking lot outside of Simon Hall at sunset.
  • IMG_3338Mudd Field and Seigle Hall at sunset.
  • IMG_2550George Washington braving a snowstorm.
  • IMG_3359Mudd Field in the early morning.
  • IMG_3472Seigle Hall at twilight.
  • IMG_3523A little enclave outside of Lopata Hall.
  • IMG_3525This one is actually not that close to campus. I took it on a morning drive through St. Louis.

Pictures of Campus (Gallery)

Here at Wash U, I find myself often overwhelmed by how beautiful the campus is. Most of the time I forget to snap a picture, but sometimes I do so. These are pictures I’ve taken of campus and the area around it in my years as a student here. All were taken on an iPhone. Click “next” or “prev” to see all 13 images in the gallery.