Working out the kinks in my schedule

What, we’re already in the 4th week of the semester? Awesome! It must be flying by because I like my classes so much.

Although classes were going well, I wasn’t sure during the first two weeks if I would be able to stay in all of them. I was having some course scheduling issues due to my trying to fit in a lot of credits. However, thanks to my accommodating professors, everything worked out.

Here’s what happened:

Week 1:

See the yellow highlighted areas on the picture below? The yellow shows course conflicts. I wanted to take another writing class so I could progress in my writing minor, but I also wanted to continue taking Japanese. Because Japanese is Monday through Friday, there was no time slot where I could take Japanese without it conflicting with another class. When I was registering for classes, I asked my Japanese professor if I could attend the 1-2 pm section on Mondays and Wednesdays. She said yes. But then second semester started, and the 1-2 pm section had 19 people in it on the first day of class. (It’s the most popular time because the other times require either waking up “early” or having class in the late afternoon.) For a course where 60% of your grade comes from daily speaking participation, 19 people is too many. So the Japanese professors told us that some students would need to move to a different section to even it out…dun dun DUN.

The other problem was that my super cool documentary class was on the verge of being canceled. The class is taught by Professor Brian Cohen (perhaps you know him as the founder of the LouFest Music Festival). Only 3 people, including me, showed up to the class on the first day. Professor Cohen said the minimum enrollment number was 4, and that he’d let us know by the end of the week if we were going to continue with the class. At the end of the week, I got an email saying that 4 people were enrolled, so we could continue. Whoop!

Week 2: 

1-2 pm section of Japanese is still too full. Japanese professors tell us again that some people really need to switch to either the 10-11 am or the 3-4 pm section. I’m worried I’ll be asked to switch out since I’m technically enrolled in the 10 am section. Except I can’t take it at any other time on Mondays, so my only other option would be to drop it.

Someone drops the documentary class on Sunday afternoon. I know because I’m habitually checking the enrollment number on WebSTAC, hoping it goes up, and it’s back down to 3 again on Sunday night. Darn, I guess the class is canceled then.

Week 3:

A few people switch sections, and now the 1-2 pm section is at a sizeable number of students.

Brian Cohen sends an email saying that he’ll make the class work with three people.

Finally, I have secure spots in all my classes! Everything has worked out!


So, here is my final schedule:

L05 Japan 140D 01 — First-Level Modern Japanese II
L12 Educ 4111 01 — Linguistics and Language Learning
L44 Ling 311 01 — Introduction to Semantics
L19 EPSc 116A 02 — Resources of the Earth
U08 Educ 4210 01 — Creating Video Documentaries
L13 Writing 432 01 — The Craft of Poetry: Writing as Social Media: Digital Tools                                      for Poets

My Spring 2014 schedule