Physiological Control Systems

The classes at WashU can be quite challenging, and my Physiological Control Systems class is no exception. However, I am so impressed with the amount of help offered in this course, I just have to blog about it. Professor Stein, the professor who teaches the course, is great and very approachable. He makes the lectures entertaining and really seems to care about both the material as well as ensuring that students understand it. He even met with me individually to help me find an area and lab that I could do research in during my freshman year, and is very knowledgeable in his field and how to help students immerse themselves in it from the get go.

Besides Dr. Stein, the TAs (teaching assistants) are great resources. TAs take notes during class and post them on the class website. These serve as a great supplement to my own notes, and I definitely make sure to look at them before exams. The TAs also hold weekly office hours to answer students’ questions.

While this might all sound fairly common, it doesn’t stop there. Teams of TAs hold optional weekly evening review sessions to help students review the materials covered in class during that week and help us stay on top of all the information. They also lead weekly tutoring groups that are limited to about ten students each. I’ve found these sessions to be particularly helpful in understanding the subject and keeping up with the challenging material. If this is a class that sounds interesting to you, I would definitely recommend it (or at least sitting in if you’re visiting campus this spring)!