Women in IT (Part I): Introduction to SPIN-IT

In my last post, I mentioned that I’m a member of SPIN-IT, a new leadership program at WashU for women in IT. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of SPIN-IT, and in this series of blog posts I’ll go into detail about what I’ve been doing. Spoiler alert: it involves female empowerment and a lot of good advice from older people with experience.

 The SPIN-IT program kicked off on September 19th with a pizza party in the Gregg Technology Center. After the students introduced themselves, Oana Jackson, the SPIN-IT Grant Coordinator, gave a presentation on the status of women in tech. A lot of resources are available on the internet if you want to learn about how the male:female ratio in tech jobs is very unbalanced, how women are being paid less, etc., so for this series of blog posts, I’m going to focus on my personal experiences instead of talking about women in IT in general. However, I will say this:

57% of 2010 undergraduate degree recipients were female, yet only 18% of Computer and Information Sciences degree recipients were female. The ratio for graduate degrees isn’t much better.

Low participation fields for women: nsf.gov

Click here for a numbers breakdown of women in Information Technology and to read more about SPIN-IT: http://sts.wustl.edu/images/SPIN-IT/brochure.pdf