Perspectives (Part 3)

A continuation of the Perspectives series I started last spring. Here’s another WashU perspective from my friend Alex! Note: Everything in [] brackets is my input/interjection.

Alex! (Photo credit to the Ghost Lights)

Name: Alex Tinianow
Hometown: Sharon, MA (the nation’s BEST small town to live in!! http://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/best-places/2013/snapshots/CS2560785.html)
Major: Biology: Neuroscience
Minor: Jazz Studies
Hobbies: Improv acting, singing, listening to movie soundtrack music, laughing, and smelling things
Favorite Part About Wash U: The fact that I cannot possibly try to pick just one favorite part
When I’m not studying, I can most likely be found: Sweatin’ like Shaun T during an INSANITY workout or wandering campus at night by myself
Best Wash U Memory: Going with my Park 1 family to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, on a THURSDAY. That’s right, you heard me: we stayed out real late on a THURSDAY. AND we had registration at 7:00 the next morning.
Interesting Facts: I’ve lived at Band Camp for seven years [I’m not exactly sure what that means], and I genuinely LOVED Orgo [organic chemistry]. I hate everything mint flavored. I once played the character of a cannibalistic carrot [see picture at the bottom of this post]. Insanity [the workout].
Extracurriculars: The Ghost Lights with this crazy chick :P[that’s me!] , Stressbusters, Jazz Combo
Something I wish I knew when I was a Freshman: Not to try as hard in school as I did. [And by that, he means this:] I missed out on a lot of fun [and other aspects of the college experience] because I was so nervous about getting perfect grades. I really regret taking things so seriously and not having more fun. I literally went out twice second semester of freshman year. That’s a year I’ll never get back.

He wasn’t lying about the carrot thing.