Life is a Cabaret!

Last night, I had the opportunity to perform at All Student Theatre’s Cabaret Night. Cabaret is a fundraiser for All Student Theatre and features a lot of talented WashU students. I sang a duet from a musical (surprise, surprise!) with my friend Robert while my friend Jacob accompanied us on the piano. My friend Sarah gave a beautiful rendition of a Regina Spektor song, while my other friend Katy performed some powerful slam poetry. There were lots of other acts as well: stand up comedy, a guy playing the harmonica, guitar, and singing (yes, all three), and a saxophone/vocal duet that was astounding. And at the end of it all, it was announced that my friend Julia is directing next semester’s All Student Theatre production, which takes place annually on Brookings Quadrangle. (I’m sure I’ll have way more to say about that later.)┬áBut all in all, it was an awesome night with some awesome friends! And a great way to have fun performing for my peers while helping out another student theatre group on campus.