Saturday in the Park!

A few of the amazing students on my WUSA floor!

A few of the amazing students on my WUSA floor!

This past week, all the freshman floors and their WUSAs came together for Saturday in the Park, one of the major events through the first 40 days of freshman year. Saturday in the Park is a day planned by the First Year Center where the WUSAs (WashU Student Associates) take groups of students from their assigned freshman floor to the park to visit the various attractions like the St. Louis zoo, the Missouri History Museum, the St. Louis Art Museum, or just spent a leisurely day in the park. My floor and I decided on the latter. We went up to the gorgeous Art Hill and laid out a picnic blanket and ate a ton of picnic food. We sang along to popular songs, threw around a Frisbee and football, and played volleyball and soccer. It was a great way to bond with one another! Wash U doesn’t just stop with trying to help new students feel welcome after orientation, but continues the bonding experiences through freshman year, which is just another reason I absolutely love this university!

Katie, Matt, Kaleena, and Wes from my freshman floor

Katie, Matt, Kaleena, and Wes from the freshman floor