Home Sweet Home

Well, I’m finally back. Back to blogging. Back to exams, homework, and tons of reading. And, most importantly, back to my home away from home–WashU.

It was a great summer. I traveled, I learned, I worked, I experienced. But it’s also great to be back. I truly missed WashU.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year so far, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m in a wonderful dorm (well, all the dorms are pretty wonderful) with some wonderful people (again, all the people are pretty wonderful too), and I’m pursuing the things I love most. I thought I’d give y’all a recap of my first couple of weeks of SOPHOMORE year. (Can you tell how excited I am to be back? :D)

My dad and I drove up the Thursday before upperclassmen could move in. I got to bring my car this year so that I can drive to voice lessons and a cappella at the 560 Building, eat off campus more (I’m on a lower meal plan this year), and take trips to Target or the grocery store if I need anything. (Freshmen: don’t be alarmed. You can do all these things without a car. It just makes me feel more “at home” to have mine with me.)

On Friday, we had our first a cappella rehearsal of the year! (Woooo!) My aca-family was finally reunited as we prepared for auditions and adding new people to the group. There were lots of hugs and squeals of excitement as we greeted each other after three months apart.

Saturday was move-in day. My dad and I hauled my stuff up to the top floor of South 40 House, where my suitemates had already settled in. Commence more excitement as I greeted my suitemates, Megan and Riowena. We lived together last year in Eliot and are pumped to be sharing a 3-person suite in SoFoHo this year. Since Megan is a WUSA and Rio is an EXPLORE leader for international students, they had the chance to move in early and help freshmen move in. They helped me arrange my furniture and hang posters as I hurried to finish moving in before a cappella rehearsal that afternoon. By lunch, I was all moved in, and my dad and I said our goodbyes so he could start the drive home.


I became crafty this summer and decided to paint this to hang in our common room.


The stunning view of Eliot Lawn from my room

That night, my a cappella group performed at SUp All Night, which is a sort of variety show put on by WashU’s Student Union (yay puns) in the Danforth University Center (also known as the DUC). It features a lot of student performing groups, such as a cappella groups, dance groups, and improv groups. It was super fun to watch my friends and classmates perform.

Sunday meant Sunday Sundaes at Sanaa’s. Sanaa is a senior in my a cappella group, and she invited us all over to her apartment for ice cream sundaes that afternoon. It was a nice way to relax, and of course, we did manage to cram in a rehearsal as well. While we were there, Sanaa presented everyone in the group with alpaca hats that she had purchased while studying abroad in Chile last semester.


My aca-family modeling our alpaca hats

My last night of freedom before classes began for the year was filled with more a cappella as we performed during the ACAC (A Cappella Advisory Council) information session. It was a chance for us to talk to students that were interested in trying out for a cappella and convince people to audition for our group. I loved meeting all of the new freshmen as well as mingling with all of the other groups.

Tuesday, the first day of school. I have a great schedule this year, but it’s also really busy. Over the summer, I decided to add a possible major in math and a minor in drama, so I am mostly taking prerequisites for the upper-level major courses. Here’s what my schedule currently looks like (plus 1 hour a week of voice lessons).

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 6.53.43 PM

I’m taking Latin I, Early Texts and Contexts (a prerequisite for the English major), Calculus III (a prerequisite for the math major), Intro to Theatre Production (a prerequisite for my drama minor), and Intro to Women’s Texts: The Mothership–Parenting and Reproduction in Women’s Utopian and Science Fiction (not a prerequisite–just an awesome class!). All of my classes have been amazing so far, and even though I do have class semi-early (yes, 9 o’clock is early on college time) most days, the quality of the classes makes it worth it.

The rest of the week was almost a blur as my a cappella group “dormstormed” the freshmen residence halls and performed for all of the new students. A simple explanation of dormstorming: the group runs into the dorm and runs up and down the halls announcing “FREE A CAPPELLA IN THE LOBBY!” Then, once we’ve gathered everyone, we put on a short concert. It’s a blast (and a great workout too).

Then, the long weekend. It was full of a cappella auditions/callbacks and awesomeness as well as Performing Arts Department auditions. I spent most of my time going back and forth between the two, auditioning for plays and musicals and listening to people audition for our a cappella group. Auditions were a lot of fun on both accounts–exuberant amounts of singing, improv, and laughter. I lost my voice by the end of the weekend, but it was definitely worth it.


Kyle, Sonya, and Margaret try their hand at 3-headed Broadway, an improv game in which each person can sing only one word at a time to make a Broadway show tune.

The last two weeks have been crazily busy but also crazily fun. It’s truly great to be home, and I can’t wait to blog more about my adventures this year as I embrace all WashU has to offer. I’m trying new things and learning more subjects, and I’m excited to share it all with you!

Until next time,