First 40: Night at the Museum



The Missouri History Museum! (I apologize for my lackluster photography skills.)

As some of you may know, WashU hosts an annual set of events called First 40, which consists of social programming and fun events for the new freshmen during their “First 40” days on campus. This year, First 40 introduced a new event: Night at the Museum. The freshman class had an opportunity to go to the Missouri History Museum and play games, watch the student dance groups perform, listen to some WUSTL a cappella, watch some student improv, and sit out on the lawn outside the museum and watch a move (Pitch Perfect, if any of you were wondering). There was laser tag, balloon animals, face painting, photo booths, poker, and much, much more.


Percy the octopus balloon animal now proudly resides in my common room.

Because I was performing with my a cappella group, I was able to attend as well. And let me tell you, it was tons of fun. The Ghost Lights performed in random locales throughout the evening–in exhibits, in hallways, and even on stage at one point. And in our downtime, we watched other groups perform and explored the museum. At one point, we found a photo booth, and of course, we tried to cram as many Ghosties as we could into one photo.


We were mildly successful in our endeavors to cram the entire a cappella group into one photo.

What I  enjoyed most about Night at the Museum was being able to see the other student groups perform. All of the groups work hard to put on a great show for the freshmen, and it was exciting to see my friends and peers showing off their talents. I also enjoyed interacting with the WUSAs (including my suitemate Megan) and RAs who put so much effort into making the night successful. Overall, it was a stellar night, and I am so thankful WashU has such dedicated faculty, staff, and students that helped make this night great for the class of 2017 (and the rest of us too)!

All of the above photos are (c) WUSTL