The Truth About Packing

Four words, one world: Bed Bath and Beyond 

Well, technically my four words should be: My Wonderfully Organized Grandma, but I would say her four words, if we had to narrow it down, would be Bed Bath and Beyond (and lots and lots of coupons!).

Not only does this monstrous store have everything you could ever need for college and then some, but online you can find a general packing list as well as a personalized list for your university. I have attached both links below!

College Packing Check-List

WashU Check List

Another great thing about the store is that it delivers, OR at least it can put together your order at another shop. For example, if you buy everything in Indianapolis, like I did, but then you want to pick it up in St. Louis, they can pick out the same things you bought and have them waiting for you there. It’s a pretty great deal.

My next piece of advice is the less you pack the better! 

I must admit I did not heed my own advice here, and by the end of the school year my room felt pretty cluttered. If you forget something St. Louis is a huge city, so I’m sure you can find it! That being said, everyone’s packing habits will be different. You will see the student that arrives with the U-Haul and the student that arrives with one trunk, just relax and focus on what you really need and want to have with you for your first year. It’s an exciting time!

Here are ten “unusual” things that I am really glad I brought to college:

1) Reusable water bottle

2) Electric hot water heater & mug/thermos

3) Your instrument (if you play one)

4) Speakers

5) Personal fan

6) Desk lamp

7) Huge soft blanket/throw

8) Camera

9) Good rain jacket/umbrella/rain boots

10) Bike & helmet!

A photo of me in my room with some of my favorite things: headphones, desk lamp, flag, coffee mug, coffee pot, personal fan, desk organizers, etc.