Questions on Questions

Here is a collection of questions (regarding packing and the dormitory set-up) that I was asked last summer from incoming freshman:
Entrance to South40

Entrance to South40 Dormitories

South Forty House

South Forty House

Do the closets have sliding doors or actual opening doors?

Most dorms have closets with actual opening doors, however a select few have no door in which case you could attach your own curtain, but most people just leave it open.

What furniture comes in the dorm rooms?

This is different for every dormitory. However, each dorm will guarantee a bed, mattress, desk and chair. From there some dorms provide an extra bookshelf or bedside table, you should check with your individual residential college and dorm for more specifics.

Do most people use risers for the beds?

No. Most people do not use risers because the beds themselves are adjustable. They can even be adjusted high enough to allow for a small dresser to fit underneath.

 Also, do we have a lot of closet/storage space?

Between closet space and storage under the bed, especially if you adjust the bed up, there is plenty of storage space!

Do we have to buy our own shower curtain and bath mat or is that supplied with the bathroom?

Bathrooms come with shower curtains that are cleaned and switched out periodically, but there is no bath mat.

Are we allowed to hang things on our walls? bulletin boards, white boards, picture frames, etc?

Yes! You can hang things on the walls as long as the walls or paint is not damaged. Blue tape is highly recommended.

Are the rooms carpeted?

Is the computer lab with printers open 24/7, or what time does it close?

Yes, it is open 24/7 and accessible by swiping in with your ID card.

If we’re bringing a tv, do you know what kind of cables/accessories we need to take with us or what is provided?

WashU Student Technology Services (STS) provides cables to access tv cable. So the only thing you’ll need besides the TV is the power cable and perhaps an extension cord depending on where you want to plug it in the room. See the STS website here.

Do we need ethernet cables in our rooms?

There is wifi all around the dorm, but Ethernet is usually faster and more reliable. So you don’t need to bring a cable, but it’s nice to have one, and WashU does not provide them. And for size, there are ethernet outlets on both sides of the room so 10 feet should be more than enough.

If your questions that aren’t answered here check out the reslife website here.