Wash U Bucket List 1

Student: Katie

Year: Freshman

Res College: Wayman Crow


What is one thing every freshman absolutely have to do at Wash U?

Go to Dance Marathon in the fall!

Why do you pick this particular event?

It is an awesome 12-hour dance party, and 12 hours might seem like a long time but it is absolutely incredible. There are lots of student performances and speeches by kids from the Children’s Hospitals in St Louis, which is what DM is all about!

Tell me more about what DM benefits.

Every dancer raises money for Children’s Miracle Network of greater St Louis, and all the money gets split between the two children’s hospitals in St. Louis – SSM Cardinal Glennon Medical Center and St Louis Children’s Hospital – so that every child gets the treatment they need and the childhood they deserve. And all you have to do is dance!

What was your experience at DM like?

It was a very tiring experience! But it was so inspiring that kids from the two hospitals and their families gave speeches about their experiences with different diseases. It inspired me to apply to be on the Exec board to do more for these wonderful hospitals and help these families.

Why should others DM?

It is such a fun event and you get to hang out with the cutest, sweetest kids, while helping support Children’s Miracle Network and kids all over the country. Also, you get to make teams with your freshman floor and other friends and it’s a great bonding experience at the beginning of the year – to have a crazy, fun dance party with all your new friends!