Spring WILD 2013 presents: Yeasayer, Mat Kearney, and Atmosphere

WILD, a concert event held twice a year on Brookings quadrangle, stands for Walk In Lay Down. As I have been told by upperclassmen and by Wikipedia, the concert is so named because the old tradition was to bring couches to the quad and lie down on them during the concert. Does this mean the name is grammatically incorrect? Probably. But we can just pretend that the L is in reference to laying down the couches instead of lying down on them.

When SPB (WUSTL Social Programming Board) announced the first artist for WILD would be Yeasayer, I was disappointed. Oh great, I thought. The WILDs before my time had featured The Black Keys, Lupe Fiasco, OK Go, Cold War Kids, Passion Pit, Flying Lotus…all these groups that I was familiar with. And now that it was my turn, I was stuck with a band I didn’t know.

In an attempt to get to know Yeasayer a bit before WILD, I decided to listen to them on Spotify. I was very happy I did. I’m one of those people who, once she discovers a new song/artist she likes, puts it on repeat until she gets tired of it. I’ve been listening to Yeasayer since SPB announced them a month ago, and I still haven’t tired of their music that is commonly described as an “eclectic, genre-bending journey into pop, rock, Middle Eastern and African musics, folk, and dub.”

Allow me to take a break from music to talk to you about food. A school event isn’t a proper school event unless there’s free food, right? Walk in Chow Down is the culinary version of WILD. From 2 pm to 5 pm, students gathered on the Swamp for BBQ, ice cream, and cupcakes from The Sweet Divine’s cupcake truck. What? A cupcake truck? Yeah, it was awesome. There were also activities like caricatures, face painting, and airbrush tattoos.

Over at Brookings quad was…more food. Pizza, stromboli, sandwiches, cookies, and breadsticks catered by Bon Appetit. Frozen yogurt from Chill. Boxed water. What? Boxed water? Yep, and it was a hit with students. As part of WashU’s efforts toward sustainability, SPB decided to forgo bottled water and provided boxed water instead. Composting and recycling stations were located around the quad as well.

Such a great idea! –image from utne.com

Once I had some food in me, I was ready to listen to the music. Yeasayer went on stage at 6 pm. They were followed by Mat Kearney at 7:15 and Atmosphere at 8:45. I can’t tell you much about the last two — I was frolicking around the quad and talking with friends when Mat Kearney was on so I wasn’t really paying attention, and I left before Atmosphere started — but I can show you pictures!

Mat Kearney

Mat Kearney

Yeasayer’s Chris Keating on one of the blow-up couches that SPB provided in memory of the original WILD tradition.



Boxed water and blow-up couches in preparation for WILD –image courtesy of WUSTL Social Programming Board

Spring WILD was a great experience, and I’m looking forward to the next one!