Spring is here! (and so are the hammocks)

This wonderful warm weather couldn’t have come at a better time. Wait…okay, it could have. It should have been here like a month ago (instead, we got a second winter). But I’m cool with this. 

If only I had a picture of what the weather forecasts used to look like. It was sad. As a Californian, I’m not used to having a nice, warm 56-degree followed by a snowy, below-freezing one. Too much inconsistency!

Two days ago, the hammocks came back. I don’t know where they went, but the lovely hammocks that were all over the South 40 when school started disappeared sometime in late fall and were never seen again. Now they’re back! With the hammocks came a new energy. People are throwing frisbees on the grass and playing all sorts of sports. Music can be heard pouring from open windows. Homework becomes less of a burden when you can do it outside in the sun. Yesterday, CS40 hosted an impromptu barbecue on the Swamp. DOGS FROLIC ON CAMPUS.

Chi Omega's annual Rent-A-Pet brings smiles to students and earns money for charity.

Chi Omega’s annual Rent-A-Pet brings smiles to students and earns money for charity.

I think that’s the beauty of going to school in a climate that has all four seasons. In the winter, students enjoyed building snow forts, making snowmen, and having huge snowball fights on the Swamp. The campus was beautiful when it was covered in freshly fallen snow. Now that spring is here, it’s an entirely different experience.

You know what they say about spring—if your window is open and you hear the birds chirping, go outside and do some derping.

Okay, so nobody says that. I made it up. But I think I’ll take my own suggestion.

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