Perspectives (Part 1)

Though I could sit and talk for hours about all the things I love about WashU, I thought it would be more compelling at times to bring in the points-of-view of some other WashU students who all have their own great stories to share. As such, I’ve decided to launch a new series of posts that I’m calling Perspectives, through which I hope to highlight others’ WashU experiences. So, without further ado, the first Perspective–my suite mate Riowena.

Riowena and me. (I think this photo sums up our friendship fairly well.)

Name: Riowena

Hometown: Singapore

Major: Chemistry (Pre-Med with a concentration in Biochemistry)

Hobbies: Reading, pencil sketching (*Author’s note: Her sketches are amazing! They look exactly like black-and-white photographs.), playing flute and piano, amateur photography, and getting to know awesome people

Extracurriculars: China Care Playgroup and Fundraising Committee, EXPLORE Leader for international students, Campus Y Einstein Explorers (*Another author’s note: Einstein Explorers is a student group that does fun, hands-on, science experiments for children at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital)

Favorite part about WashU: The friendliness of everyone here–the staff at Bears’ Den (where we eat most of our meals) who always brighten up my day, the amicability of the students, and the professors who have an obvious passion for whatever they’re teaching

When you’re not studying, you can be found: either at Tietjens (the music classroom building) or wandering campus with a camera

Best part about being an Eliot Gator: best RAs, WUSAs, and faculty fellows on the South 40;  and the weekly snacks are nice too

Best WashU memory (so far): all of the crazy, fun things done with my floor mates on Eliot 0; also when someone dressed up as a unicorn, walked into the Chem 111 (General Chemistry), and presented the professor with an apple