10 things I love about WashU

The inside of Holmes Lounge Taken on Jan. 6, 2...

The inside of Holmes Lounge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In no particular order, here are ten reasons why I love WashU:

1. The people are kind.
Let me tell you a story. One morning my friend Olivia showed me her new Skullcandy headphones. They were bright white and less than a week old.  When I met up with her later that day, she was distraught. She had lost them. The last time she remembered having them was two hours before, in Holmes Lounge. We went back to Holmes Lounge, and she rushed to the seat where she had been sitting during lunch. There they were, exactly where she left them. Now, Holmes Lounge is always so packed with people that every time I go there I have maybe a 10% chance of snagging a table. A lot of people had the opportunity to pick up expensive new headphones that day, but they chose not to. Stories like this aren’t uncommon here. I really appreciate how willing people are to help each other.

2. The food is delicious.
Two words: Holmes Lounge. Holmes sells all sorts of things, including vegetarian options, but they are most famous for their carvery wraps. Why use deli meat when you can use pork loin with sweet chili glaze or herb roasted leg of lamb? Every day there is something new. Thirty-minute lines are common, but if you go at the right time (11:40 usually works for me), you can be in and out of there in ten minutes.

3.The staff are friendly.
What do Phillip from Cherry Tree, Arthur from Holmes Lounge, Miss Edith from Bear’s Den, and Evelyn from ResLife housekeeping have in common? They are all wonderful, friendly people who work at WashU and make me smile whenever I see them. They are only a few of the staff that I have come to know.  Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with people you see working around WashU!

4. Great housing.
I like my dorm room better than I like my room at home. And my room at home is nice. Need I say more?

5. There is an endless supply of resources to help you succeed.
I don’t think it’s even possible to take advantage of all the help that WashU offers, because there is just so much available. For example, there are Residential Peer Mentors (RPMs) — students who live in your dorm and have hours where you can come in and ask for homework help, no appointment necessary. These are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who got A’s in the subject that you need help with.

WUSA, RA, RCD, STS, SHS, EST, and TA* might look like alphabet soup, but they’re actually abbreviations for numerous people/organizations on campus that are dedicated to helping students with different things.
*Washington University Student Associate, Residential Advisor, Residential College Director, Student Technology Services, Student Health Services, Emergency Support Team, Teaching Assistant

6. There’s always something to do.
I don’t think I have ever been bored at WashU. Part of the reason is that college means living right next to all of your friends, which is great. But there are also so many free activities going on all the time! (Lots of them have free food, which is a bonus). You can bond with Potter fans at a WUmbledore’s Army meeting, make your own butter with WUChurn, go to an a capella concert, visit the Central West End, or hang out in Forest Park. Check out this directory for a list of student clubs you might like.

7. We get to hang out with prospective/accepted students.
There are a lot of people like me who love talking about WashU. So if you visit, ask to stay overnight with an Overnight Welcome Leader (OWL)! You’ll get that special behind-the-scenes treatment which includes, but is not limited to: sleeping in a dorm, eating with your OWL, and talking to ohmygoshreallivecollegestudents. A big factor in my decision to attend WashU was the pleasant experience I had with current students when I visited.

8. Majors are flexible.
If you’re not sure what you want to major in yet, don’t worry. WashU won’t lock you into a particular school or major just because you applied to it, and you don’t have to declare your major until the end of your sophomore year.

9. It’s eco-friendly.
WashU is good at reminding me to be kind to the environment. And because it  feels good to do things like recycle and use reusable water bottles, I’ve made a habit of making eco-friendly choices.  After being here for just a few weeks, I found myself bemoaning the absence of recycling bins when I ventured off-campus and tried to throw away a paper napkin. (It’s a bit jarring when you realize that, off-campus, not every corner has a recycling bin, and not every kitchen has a compost station.) If you’re interested in being a part of a community that is working towards a healthier earth, then this is the place for you.

10. It’s awesome.
School pride :3